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Publication - Dr Katharina Burger

    Developing ORBIT: the operational research behavioural interventions toolkit


    Burger, K, White, L, Martin, K & Malpass, J, 2018, ‘Developing ORBIT: the operational research behavioural interventions toolkit’., pp. 174


    The OR field has a long-standing interest in interventions in organisations. However, only recently,has the field focused on the processes related to changes in human behaviour as an interventionprogresses. The need for guidance in the application of insights from behavioural sciences in thedesign, implementation and evaluation of OR interventions is particularly pressing in the context oforganisational transformation projects. As a contribution to addressing some of the challenges, we aredeveloping the Operational Research Behavioural Interventions Toolkit (ORBIT), that supportspractitioners in understanding the links between different behavioural OR insights, and what andwhen particular insights are best suited to improve the implementation of a transformation project.Our presentation will focus on the findings thus far. In particular, we will present an outline of theORBIT toolkit. The focus will be on its design to provide a shared way of thinking about thebehavioural interventions during transformation challenges in organisations. The toolkit is intended toserve as a starting point for collaborative empirical research towards an open-source platform for ORinterventions, that practitioners can draw on to identify the improvements they need to make to betterimplement changes arising in their transformation projects.

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