Dr Jennifer Whillans

Dr Jennifer Whillans

Dr Jennifer Whillans
Research Fellow

Howard House, Queen's Avenue, Bristol
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Telephone Number (0117) 42 84753

Department of Management

Personal profile

Jennifer joined the School of Management as a Research Fellow in September 2019. She holds a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship, to pursue an independent research project titled (De)synchronisation of people and practices in working households: The relationship between the temporal organisation of employment and eating in the UK. Her primary academic focus is time use research; specifically, she is interested in the timing and rhythm of activities across the day and week and how this has changed over time.

Since completing her PhD in Social Change at the University of Manchester (2011), she has worked on projects about eating out, food waste, one-person households and implications for sustainability, and health inequalities in older people.  As a mixed methods sociologist, she has experience with a range of methods including sequence analysis, survival analysis, and multilevel regression modelling with large-scale numerical datasets and thematic analysis with in-depth interview and Mass Observation material.


Latest publications

  1. Warde, A, Whillans, JA & Paddock, J, 2019, ‘The allure of variety: Eating out in three English cities, 2015’. Poetics, vol 72., pp. 17-31
  2. Paddock, J, Warde, A & Whillans, J, 2017, ‘The changing meaning of eating out in three English cities 1995–2015’. Appetite, vol 119., pp. 5-13
  3. Warde, A, Whillans, JA & Paddock, J, 2017, ‘On the Slow Pace of Culture Change and Prospects for the Improvement of Men’. Discover Society, vol 52.
  4. Matthews, K, Nazroo, J & Whillans, JA, 2017, ‘The consequences of self-reported vision change in later-life: evidence from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing’. Public Health Journal, vol 142., pp. 7-14
  5. Whillans, JA & Nazroo, J, 2016, ‘Social Inequality and Visual Impairment in Older People’. Journals of Gerontology - Series B Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences, vol 73., pp. 532-542
  6. Whillans, JA, Nazroo, J & Matthews, K, 2016, ‘Trajectories of vision in older people: the role of age and social position’. European Journal of Ageing, vol 13., pp. 171-184
  7. Whillans, JA, 2014, ‘The weekend: the friend and foe of independent singles’. Leisure Studies, vol 33., pp. 185-201
  8. Whillans, JA & Nazroo, J, 2014, ‘Assessment of visual impairment: the relationship between self-reported vision and ‘gold-standard’measured visual acuity’. British Journal of Visual Impairment, vol 32., pp. 236-248
  9. Whillans, JA & Nazroo, J, 2014, ‘Equal access, (Un)equal uptake: a longitudinal study of cataract surgery uptake in older people in England’. BMC Health Services Research, vol 14., pp. 447
  10. Whillans, JA, 2011, ‘Time poverty: The unequal distribution of temporal autonomy’. Time & Society, vol 20., pp. 137-144

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