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Publication - Dr Harry Pitts

    Corbynism: A Critical Approach


    Bolton, M & Pitts, FH, 2018, ‘Corbynism: A Critical Approach’. Emerald


    From the moment Jeremy Corbyn was elected Labour leader, Corbynism has been dismissed, derided or romanticised - but rarely taken seriously as a set of ideas on its own terms. From a left perspective, this book critically outlines the shared understanding of capitalism and its alternatives that unites the component parts of the Corbyn movement. Bypassing arguments over electability undermined by the 2017 election, Corbynism: A Critical Approach decodes the central tenets of the Corbynist worldview, showing their coherence with contemporary political-economic shifts. Corbyn’s platform of protectionism at home and isolationism abroad, it contends, chimes with conspiratorial understandings of global capitalism as a ‘rigged system’ common to populist nativism in an age of Trump and Brexit.

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