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Publication - Dr Harry Pitts

    Corbynism and Blue Labour

    post-liberalism and national populism in the British Labour Party


    Bolton, M & Pitts, FH, 2018, ‘Corbynism and Blue Labour: post-liberalism and national populism in the British Labour Party’. British Politics.


    Responding to recent debates, this article challenges the presentation of Corbynism and Blue Labour as competing philosophical tendencies in the contemporary British Labour Party. It does so with reference to their shared mobilisation around post-liberal and national-populist notions of the relationship between nations, states, society, citizens and the outside world, and critiques of capitalism and liberal democracy that they hold in common. Uncovering a largely subterranean ‘critical Marxist’ counterpoint that seeks to ‘hold the centre’ rather than rhetorically or theoretically endorse its destabilisation, the article outlines the other paths available from within the intellectual traditions of the Labour Party and wider left, concluding that there is a real philosophical alternative to both Corbynism and Blue Labour.

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