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Marketing and Strategy

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Marketing and Strategy is a fast-growing group in the Department of Management.

It brings together colleagues with a vibrant mix of disciplinary expertise to generate insights into marketing, markets, consumption and social futures. Our group embraces new approaches to marketing prompted by the impact of innovation and technology in order to investigate the emerging technology-infused competitive landscape.

Our approach draws together psychology, sociology, data and digital science, artificial intelligence, innovation studies, human geography, strategic management and organisational studies, to tackle the major societal challenges of the day.

We have particular policy and practice expertise in the impact of digital technologies, sustainability, inequality, health, well-being and tourism.

Our research is developed with stakeholders from business, third sector and policy communities locally, nationally and globally.

Current research activities include: 

  • Technology and innovation for marketing
  • Artificial intelligence and machine-learning
  • Cybersecurity
  • The marketization of education and pedagogy;
  • Tourism and smart networks;
  • Childhood and young people;
  • Social marketing and public health;
  • Convenience, time pressure and work-life balance;
  • Consumption, sharing and circular economies