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Financial Reporting

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The Financial Reporting Group (FRG) conducts academic and policy related research on financial accounting and reporting in the private and public sectors. The group interacts with the accounting profession and with accounting policy-makers to help understand the ways in which accounting information can be used to aid decision making.

Current research projects include the use of information in capital markets, equity analysts’ forecasts of earnings and stock prices, the antecedents and consequences of accounting quality and corporate audit markets. The group also studies developments in financial reporting for government and public sector entities.

The FRG attracts high profile speakers and visitors from academia and from the professional accounting and regulatory communities. It organises seminars and workshops where the academic and professional accounting communities can exchange ideas. Members of the FRG also regularly attend leading international conferences to disseminate the results of their research.

Members of the group have published their research in high quality academic journals, and  research findings feed into the deliberations of policy makers, professional accounting bodies and accounting regulators. The FRG also includes editors and editorial board members of international academic journals.