Professor Giovanna Michelon

Professor Giovanna Michelon

Professor Giovanna Michelon
Professor of Accounting

15-19 Tyndalls Park Road, Bristol,
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Telephone Number (0117) 39 40541

Department of Accounting and Finance


Corporate Social Responsibility and Disclosure

  • Social and Environmental Accounting, Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Disclosure, Stakeholder Engagement

Corporate Governance and Accountability

  • Shareholder activism, Shareholder Engagement, Corporate Governance, Board of Directors, Transparency

Giovanna has established an excellent track record of publications on CSR and, mostly importantly, she has significantly contributed to an emerging strand on how corporate governance drives CSR. CSR is an interdisciplinary area that has been investigated across different epistemologies and methodological approaches. Giovanna has been able to combine a broad knowledge of the field (across disciplines and approaches), with solid and rigorous technical and methodological skills, thus being recognized as a leading scholar in the arena. Visit her Google Scholar Profile here. Her SSRN profile is here.


Latest publications

  1. Michelon, G, Patten, DM & Romi, AM, 2019, ‘Creating Legitimacy for Sustainability Assurance Practices: Evidence from Sustainability Restatements’. European Accounting Review, vol 28., pp. 395-422
  2. Michelon, G, Rodrigue, M & Trevisan, E, 2019, ‘The marketization of a social movement: Activists, shareholders and CSR disclosure’. Accounting, Organizations and Society.
  3. She, C & Michelon, G, 2019, ‘Managing stakeholder perceptions: Organized hypocrisy in CSR disclosures on Facebook’. Critical Perspectives on Accounting.
  4. Birkey, RN, Michelon, G, Patten, DM & Sankara, J, 2019, ‘Does assurance on CSR reporting enhance environmental reputation? An examination in the U.S. context’. Accounting Forum.
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