Professor Francesco Giovannoni

Professor Francesco Giovannoni

Professor Francesco Giovannoni
Professor in Economics

The Priory Road Complex, Priory Road, Clifton
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Telephone Number (0117)3310587

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Department of Economics


Francesco Giovannoni's research interests are in political economics, economic analysis of political and legal institutions, game theory, public economics and microeconomic theory.


EFIM30009: Advanced Microeconomics

Fields of interest

Political Economy, Game Theory, Public Economics, Microeconomic Theory

Latest publications

  1. Eguia, JX & Giovannoni, F, 2019, ‘Tactical Extremism’. American Political Science Review, vol 113., pp. 282-286
  2. Giovannoni, F & Xiong, S, 2019, ‘Communication under language barriers’. Journal of Economic Theory, vol 180., pp. 274-303
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  4. Feltovich, N & Giovannoni, F, 2015, ‘Selection vs. accountability: an experimental investigation of campaign promises in a moral-hazard environment’. Journal of Public Economics.
  5. Giovannoni, F & Seidmann, DJ, 2014, ‘Corruption and power in democracies’. Social Choice and Welfare, vol 42., pp. 707-734
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  7. Aidt, T & Giovannoni, F, 2011, ‘Critical decisions and Constitutional Rules’. Social Choice and Welfare, vol 37 (2)., pp. 219 - 268
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  11. Campos, N & Giovannoni, F, 2006, ‘The Determinants of Asset Stripping: Theory and Evidence from the Transition Economies’. Journal of Law and Economics, vol 49 (2)., pp. 681 - 706
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  13. Giovannoni, F & Campos, N, 2003, ‘The Extent of Determinants of the stripping of Socialist Physical Capital in the Period of Social Transformation and Modernisation of the Economic Structure’. in: Campos , J N Fidrmuc (eds) The Political Economy of Transition and Development: Institutions, Politics and Policies. Kluwer Academic Publishers
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