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Dr Fiona Spotswood


I am a senior lecturer in management (Marketing) with a particular interest in intervention for social change. I have edited a recently published book entitled 'Beyond Behaviour Change' and led a seminar series (funded by the ESRC) with the same title. This research explores different cross-cutting issues in behaviour change, such as the role of marketing in creating and solving society's wicked problems. Within this stream I am particularly interested in the relationship between behaviour change activities promoting physical activity and body image, and how to achieve physical activity participation by focusing on school culture change. Theoreis of practice are particularly central to my work and I am interested in exploring how theories of practice can inform more individualist approaches to behaviour change for improved effectiveness, ethics and sustainability. I am involved in a project exploring how to use practice theoretical ideas to manage cultural shift in primary schools, with a view to strengthening school physical activity culture. I am also exploring mothering and physical activity and interesting in how an understanding of practices might inform and explore intervention in this area. I am interested in bringing insights from social practice theoretical research into the health intervention space, particularly by combining learning from practice theory and social marketing.


Research keywords

  • sustainability
  • physical activity
  • habits
  • routines