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Publication - Dr Eleonora Pantano

    The effect of mobile retailing on consumers' purchasing experiences

    A dynamic perspective


    Pantano, E & Priporas, C-V, 2016, ‘The effect of mobile retailing on consumers' purchasing experiences: A dynamic perspective’. Computers in Human Behavior, vol 61., pp. 548-555


    The emerging retail culture is characterized by the extensive use of mobile technologies, high connec- tivity, ubiquitous computing and contactless technologies, which enable consumers to experience shopping differently. In fact, innovative mobile technologies provide new tools (apps) which are able to separate the moment of purchase from the moment of effective consumption, by allowing consumers to make purchases by mobile phone and collect them at home or at a store (a pick-up boutique or collection point), in addition to the traditional in-store service (purchase in the store and collect/consume in the store). The aim of this paper is to understand the extent to which mobile technologies have an impact on consumer behaviour, with emphasis on the drivers motivating consumers to adopt the consumer experience of mobile shopping. To achieve this goal we used a qualitative approach involving 29 con- sumers in the Italian market, where mobile shopping is still at an early stage. The findings shed a light on the extent to which consumers are moving from e-channels to mobile channels and take into account the effect of these technological innovations in retail settings from a cognitive standpoint, where studies are limited. The implications for researchers and practitioners are then discussed, with emphasis on retailers need to develop new mobile service competences, and integrate and synthetize physical retail settings with mobile opportunities and functionalities.

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