Dr Eleonora Pantano

Dr Eleonora Pantano

Dr Eleonora Pantano
Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Howard House, Queen's Avenue, Bristol
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Telephone Number (0117) 42 84645

Department of Management

Personal profile

Eleonora Pantano is Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) of Marketing at University of Bristol since 2018. Dr. Pantano’s research activities mainly relate to the development of new customer solutions to improve retail analytics, strategies and management, with emphasis on the role of artificial intelligence, emotional analytics, and machine learning algorithms. She held Ph.D. in “Psychology of Programming and Artificial Intelligence” (2008), M.Eng. in Management (2005), and PG Cert in Higher Education Teaching and Supporting Learning (2016). She is also fellow of the Academy of Higher Education. Her findings appear in books and textbooks (i.e., Internet RetailingTechnology and Innovation for MarketingSmart Retailing: technologies and strategies) and in international peer-reviewed journals (i.e., Computers in Human Behavior, Tourism Management, Journal of Business Research, Psychology and Marketing). Her papers (more than 60) has also consistently pushed the frontiers in the area of marketing and have become highly cited by academics in the field (h-index 21, Scopus), by frequently achieving the award of “highly commended paper”.

She has always been curios about the world and the phenomena related to human dynamics in retail context, and feels lucky since her passion has become her work!

In 2017, she has been listed as one of the most prominent retailing authors[1] between 2009 and 2015. 


Research Interest

  • Retail Management
  • Technology and Innovation for Marketing
  • Big data and new metrics for consumer research

PhD students are more than welcome in the above mentioned areas.

[1] Ketron S., Runyan R., Farris II M.T. (2017). Prominent retailing authors and institutions: 2009-2015. International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 45(2), 177-194.



Eleonora is actually the Programme Director of BSc Marketing.


  • Big Data in Marketing Intelligence (EFIMM0059)
  • Creativity and Marketing (EFIMM0061)

Co-authored books:

  • Pantano E., Dennis C. (2019). Smart retailing: technology and strategy. UK: Palgrave.
  • Pantano E., Bassano C., Priporas C.-V. (2019). Technology and Innovation for Marketing. UK: Routledge.
  • Pantano E., Nguyen B., Dennis C., Merrilees B., Gerlach S. (2017). Internet Retailing and Future Perspectives 2nd edition, UK: Routledge. 

Fields of interest

- design of new customers solutions in retail industry - success factors of innovation and technology management in retail and tourism industry - big data in marketing intelligence.

Latest publications

  1. Pantano, E & Vannucci, V, 2019, ‘Who is innovating? An exploratory research of digital technologies diffusion in retail industry’. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, vol 49., pp. 297-304
  2. Pantano, E, 2019, ‘The role of smart technologies in decision making: developing, supporting and training smart consumers’. Journal of Marketing Management.
  3. Giglio, S, Pantano, E, Bilotta, E & Melewar, T, 2019, ‘Branding luxury hotels: Evidence from the analysis of consumers’ “big” visual data on TripAdvisor’. Journal of Business Research.
  4. Pantano, E & Dennis, C, 2019, ‘Store buildings as tourist attractions: Mining retail meaning of store building pictures through a machine learning approach ’. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, vol 51., pp. 304-310
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  6. Pantano, E, Priporas, C-V, Stylos, N & Dennis, C, 2019, ‘Facilitating tourists' decision making through open data analyses: A novel recommender system’. Tourism Management Perspectives, vol 31., pp. 323-331
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  8. Pantano, E, Priporas, C-V & Migliano, G, 2019, ‘Reshaping traditional marketing mix to include social media participation: Evidence from Italian firms’. European Business Review, vol 31., pp. 162-178
  9. Pantano, E, Priporas, C-V, Viassone, M & Migliano, G, 2019, ‘Does the stakeholder engagement result in new drinks? Evidence from family owned SMEs’. Journal of Business Research.
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