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Publication - Professor David Dugdale

    Contemporary Management Accounting Practices in UK Manufacturing


    Dugdale, D, Jones, T & Green, S, 2006, ‘Contemporary Management Accounting Practices in UK Manufacturing’. CIMA Publishing/Elsevier


    Contemporary Management Accounting Practices in UK Manufacturing - a CIMA research project - reveals methods currently used for reporting financial information in UK manufacturing companies. Based on a study of 41 companies, it shows a rich diversity of reporting practices that are constrained neither by the financial accounting requirements of SSAP9 nor by any sense of general management accounting trends. Instead, Financial Directors choose from a toolkit of 'traditional' and 'contemporary' practices in constructing reporting systems appropriate to their varied commerical needs, but with a strong leaning towards contribution margin approaches.

    From this book readers will discover how different companies develop a wide range of reporting practices in relation to contribution, margin, profit, variances, budgets and forecasts. It is accompanied by an Appendix on CD that supplies and organizational outline, summary of financial reporting practices, and the Profit & Loss pro-forma of each of the companies studied.

    The book is an important resource for both academics and practitioners reflecting on current developments in management accounting in UK manufacturing.

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