Dr Daniel Tischer

Dr Daniel Tischer

Dr Daniel Tischer
Lecturer in Management

Howard House, Queen's Avenue, Bristol
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Telephone Number (0117) 39 41621

Department of Management

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I am an interdisciplinary researcher and my research interests evolve around the study of (global) finance and banking from a critical perspective

Previous work has focused on ethical and social banking and I continue to work aspects on banking ethics and corporate responsibility in banking and finance.

My two key research themes evolve around:

1)      Money, cash and access to cash in particular – A large multi-stakeholder project funded by LINK (and supported by the Post Office and UK Finance) seeks to map, track and trace changes in the UK cash infrastructure provision and to assess the implication for access to cash. In addition, I have done some work on Facebook’s Libra with Bill Maurer at UC Irvine.

2)      Financial securities and global financial networks – this work analysis securities (CDOs and CLO), not from a market, but organisational perspective. To do this we (Adam Leaver and I) study social networks of firms and individuals to synthesise the network nature of how these products come into being.

I have joined Bristol in 2018 from the University of Manchester where I worked as Lecturer in Political Economy and Organisation Studies and wrote my PhD on ‘The Embeddedness of Ethical Banking in the UK’. I have been a fellow at the Social Science Center in Berlin conducting a comparative study on cooperative banking networks in the UK and Germany and have been a Research Officer at the Centre for Mutual and Employee-owned Business at the University of Oxford.

I am keen on supervising postgraduate students with an interest in interdisciplinary research (sociology, politcal economy, geography) in banking and finance.


Latest publications

  1. Tischer, D, Evans, J & Davies, S, 2019, ‘Mapping the availability of cash - a case study of Bristol's financial infrastructure’.
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