Dr Ann Rippin

Dr Ann Rippin

Dr Ann Rippin
Research Fellow

The Priory Road Complex, Priory Road, Clifton
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Department of Management


Ann Rippin's research interests focus on aesthetics, gender and history in Management. She is greatly interested in research methodology, particularly narrative approaches, and the use of aesthetics and popular culture in management research. Recent work has focused on the foundation narratives of major private organisations, and on the application of French feminist theory to the field of research methodology.

Ann's blog about her research can be found at www.annjrippin@wordpress.com

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MGRCM1000: Creativity and Innovation
MGRCM1403: Developing the Strategic Manager
ECON22650: Principles of Management

Fields of interest

Aesthetics, Gender, History in Management

Latest publications

  1. Rippin, A & Vachhani, S, 2018, ‘Craft as Resistance: A Conversation About Craftivism, Embodied Inquiry and Craft-based Methodologies’. in: Emma Bell, Gianluigi Mangia, Scott Taylor, Maria Laura Toraldo (eds) The Organization of Craft Work: Identities, Meanings and Materiality. Routledge
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