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Name Job title Email Phone number
Miss Jelena Hercberga Management (PhD)
Ms Yllka Hysaj Management (PhD)
Mr Jonathan Lee Accounting and Finance (PhD)
Miss Tianhui Lu Accounting and Finance (PhD)
Mr Ronald Lui Accounting and Finance (PhD)
Miss Xiaoting Luo Management (PhD)
Miss Sophie Lythreatis Management (PhD)
Miss Trang Nguyen Accounting and Finance (PhD)
Dr Peter Nicholls Senior Associate Teacher
Ms Elena Pagani Management (PhD)
Mr Sujie Peng Management (PhD)
Mr Dario Ruzzi Accounting and Finance (PhD)
Mr Niels Schneider Management (PhD)
Ms Jie Sheng Management (PhD)
Mr Runfeng Xing Management (PhD)
Mr Bangdong Zhi Management (PhD)