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Invitation to participate in our study on diabetes online communities

9 May 2019

The Department of Management are looking for participants for a current research study on type 2 diabetes - do you know someone who could take part?

Participants will be invited to one session lasting about 50 minutes. Reimbursement of reasonable travel expenses in addition to a £10 voucher are offered in return.

Research objectives

The main objectives of the research are to investigate: 1) how users responsibly share and evaluate information on the online forum of; 2) how the design features of the community website influence users’ ability to share and evaluate information responsibly.

Your task

You will take part to an interview session at the University of Bristol. During the interview, you will be asked to interact with the forum online through either a laptop or PC, to answer questions about your user experience, and to comment about what you read on the forum.

Who is eligible

To take part to this research, you need to:
- Be aged 18 and over
- Have type 2 diabetes
- Be able to comfortably use a computer keyboard and mouse

How to take part

If you would like to take part, please take a moment to enter your details on this short (less than 1 minute) online questionnaire. Eligible participants will be contacted with further information and details about signing up to participation slots. In addition, you can contact Roberta Bernardi for further information.

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