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Should we bulldoze the business school?

22 May 2018

"Universities have been around for a millennium, but the vast majority of business schools only came into existence in the last century. Despite loud and continual claims that they were a US invention, the first was probably the École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris, founded in 1819 as a privately funded attempt to produce a grande école for business."

"A century later, hundreds of business schools had popped up across Europe and the US, and from the 1950s onwards, they began to grow rapidly in other parts of the world.” But what do they actually teach? And what topics, such as business ethics and corporate social responsibility  have business schools ignored, asks Martin Parker,  Professor of Organisation Studies at the Department of Management.

Read Professor Martin’s full blog on what he thinks about business schools, the kinds of graduates they produce, and whether that’s a good thing.

There will also be a launch of ‘Shutdown the business school’. Please register to attend.

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