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Economics workshop to see leaders in their field gather in Bristol

4 June 2018

The second ever Workshop on Economic Policy Interventions and Behaviour will take place this week, bringing together experts from top universities all over Europe, including the Ifo, Munich, INSEAD in Paris, London School of Economics, the University of Copenhagen, IFAU and Uppsala University, Oxford University and Toulouse.

Organised by the Department of Economics, the think tank will present and critically assess new applied research on topics as varied as donations, unemployment benefits, organisation of the judicial system and school entry rules, being discussed by academics leaders of their fields.

Our own Yanos Zylberberg and Hans Sievertsen, Lecturers in Economics, and PhD student Isabel Stockton will also be speaking about their own work.

The sessions, held throughout the day on Thursday and Friday 7,8 June 2018, will be of particular interest to scholars whose research touches on those remits, and policy influencers and professionals.

"This workshop is still relatively new" said Patrick Arni, Lecturer in Economics at the Department.

"We expect quite wide ranging discussions – the topics of the economic analyses go from labour market policy to refugee integration to donation behaviour on to educational interventions."

"These topics remain very topical and important, affecting the lives of millions of people every day."

Further details on the workshop.

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