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Celebrating women pioneers

Professor Sarah Smith sitting on a chair holding a portrait of Mary Paley

Professor Sarah Smith, Professor in Economics at the University of Bristol

27 November 2018

Bristol has marked 100 years of women's suffrage with a series of photos celebrating the history of women at the University. The photos, unveiled last week at an event on Women and Equality: the next 100 years, include Mary Paley - a pioneer in economics who was Bristol's first woman lecturer.

Sarah Smith, spoke at the event about women and work. "More than 100 years ago, Mary Paley was talking about the gender pay gap. Men and women could be equally productive, she wrote, but be paid different amounts because of "custom and general opinion". Her words still resonate today. We learned this year that eight out of ten firms pay their male workers more than they pay their female workers. Differences in the occupations that men and women choose and childcare responsibilities - both of which may be shaped in part by "custom and general opinion" - are key to understanding how the pay gap persists."

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