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Beyond Lectures and Seminars

29 November 2018

Alvin Birdi (Professor of Economics Education) and Christian Spielmann (Reader in Economics Education) have been interviewed on innovative teaching methods using webinars, podcasts and interactive computer labs.

In a recent podcast, Tim Phillips from the CORE project ( reports about Alvin’s and Christian’s innovative way of teaching applied data skills to non-economists in a novel ‘Bristol Futures’ course. The course makes use of podcasts, webinars and interactive data computer labs.

Alvin and Christian say that this way of teaching can open up huge opportunities to make teaching more student-focused, relevant, flexible and international.

The course is loosely based on CORE’s Doing Economics resource, and the CORE project has been following the development of the course with great interest. You can listen to the podcast and read two related blog articles, which CORE-ECON has produced in relation to this innovative project.

Further information

Listen to the podcast

Read the blog article (Wed 7th November 2018)

Read the blog article (Mon 13th August 2018)

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