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Success in National Essay Competition

11 June 2008

Second-year student Bob Denham came second in a national essay competition organised by the Economics Network. Bob's essay was a plea to course directors to make their subjects more appealing to undergraduates.

Second-year Economics student Bob Denham (right) took second prize in the Economics Network 2008 National Student Essay Competition.

Bob's essay was a plea for course directors to make their subjects more appealing. He put the argument in these terms: 'Just as social planners in this country have recently taken greater responsibility for the obesity of the Nation, so too should our course directors over the intellectual flabbiness of its students.' He suggests reducing this intellectual flabbiness by making courses more interesting and more social.

Bob also suggests that course directors provide incentives to keep students working throughout the year - more frequent assessments rather than relying exclusively on the end-of-session exam.

Use this link for Bob Denham's essay.

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