Management Seminars: Huw Thomas & Pete Turnbull (University of Bristol)

2 June 2020, 12.00 PM - 2 June 2020, 1.30 PM

Huw Thomas & Pete Turnbull (University of Bristol)

Webinar via Blackboard Collaborate

Hosted by the 'Work Futures' Research Theme.

Title: How resilient is the emancipatory partisan in the neo-liberal business school?


If we accept that all scholarship is partisan, rather than ‘neutral’, it is evident that some types of partisan scholarship are more rigorous than others (the Mertonian rather than the naive) and some are more ‘disruptive’ than others (the emancipatory rather than the bourgeois) (Thomas and Turnbull, 2020). When the emancipatory partisan puts ideas 'on the line' and engages with debates of public (and not just academic) relevance, there is a challenge to the 'status quo' that will inevitably lead to our knowledge claims being contested and our legitimacy questioned. Is 'being right', or at least 'being on the right side', enough to maintain our resilience in the face of contestation, especially in the context of a neo-liberal world and an increasingly neo-liberal academy? If we aspire to be emancipatory partisans, how important is our own personal resilience as opposed to the resilience of our organisation, the business and management schools where most contemporary research on the future of work is now conducted? Is our 'impact' on the ‘real world’ outside the academy achieved because of, or in spite of, the business school?

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