Ryan Mitchell, BSc Economics

Before coming to Bristol, I studied my A-levels at Maidstone Grammar School in Kent. My time outside of my academic studies was mainly taken up by rowing.  The main attraction of studying at the University of Bristol was that it is a city university. I didn’t want to live on a campus outside of the main city. Bristol gave you the chance to live in the city and also get the same benefits as living on campus.

My main academic interests at school were Mathematics, Economics and Business. I felt that an Economics degree gave you a good rounding in all of these three areas.

Whilst it is tough to identify the best part of studying at the University of Bristol, I would say the actual city is one of the best aspects.  It is a vibrant and buzzing place, but without all the congestion of London! Whatever you want to do here, whether it is social or sport based, you can.  Despite being a city university, the lecture halls, libraries, gym and tutor rooms are all situated in a small area, meaning walking from lecture to lecture is minimised!

At the moment I have no idea what I will be doing after I graduate! All I know is that I want to do something which I really enjoy and that has opportunities to work overseas. As to how the programme helped me - it’s not just the academic knowledge you learn that will help you achieve your goals, but also the life skills you learn. For example, unlike school you are no longer micro managed. The course really pushes you to think and solve problems by yourself in a logical manner, which I think is vital for any career path you may take in the future.

If I were to offer a student coming to study at Bristol a piece of advice, it would be to research your first year accommodation well before you pick it. You can either live in the city centre or in Stoke Bishop (where it is more like a campus). What you will like best is completely dependent on your personality. Another main thing will also be to enjoy yourself at university. Get involved with social activities and don’t work 24/7! Before you know it university will be over and you will regret it if you do not take advantage of all the great opportunities.

Ryan Mitchell, BSc Economics
Winner of the Evelyn Miller Barstow Prize in second year.
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