Olga Gdula, BSc Economics and Econometrics

Before coming to Bristol I lived in Poland. I was studying hard for my final exams, learning a lot of Maths and working on my English so that one day I could be offered a place at a British university. Since I was an international student who took 'other qualifications' I had to contact a number of universities to find out about entry requirements for EU nationals. The admissions team at the University of Bristol were incomparably supportive, both in getting back to me immediately and in doing their best to ensure that regardless of the language of their qualifications students are treated equally during the application process.

I started my studies at the University of Bristol enrolled on a BSc Economics programme but I soon realised that more Econometrics would only do me good so I transferred to the BSc in Economics and Econometrics. I haven't regretted the choice even for a second. One memory that sticks out for me during my time of study was when, during one of the first lectures in Introduction to Microeconomics, I won a small prize for answering one of Gervas Huxley's questions to the audience.

Undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of studying at Bristol is that we are taught by the best specialists in the field. I always feel a pang of pride when I see a reference to a paper written by one of my lecturers or when someone mentions a name they recognise from Bristol and I can reply that yes, I have actually been taught by that person.

One thing you notice immediately is just how green Bristol is. In the morning you can go running to Brandon Park which is just a 2-minute walk from the Triangle. On your way from one lecture to another you can choose a shortcut through the park and see squirrels running around. It definitely helps to relax, especially if you are studying hard.

If I were to give one piece of advice to potential students, it would be to make use of the Open Days and visit the University and the city. This gives you a brilliant opportunity to find out more about the course and the city. Additionally, knowing your way around definitely makes it easier when it comes to choosing halls of residence and moving in.

After I graduate, I hope to go on to study for a PhD! I cannot think of a single thing that I learned in my programme which would NOT be useful. And I will definitely never forget that OLS is as BLUE as the Danube.

Olga Gdula, BSc Economics and Econometrics
Winner of the Philip Geoffrey Powesland Prize and the Evelyn Miller Barstow Prize
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