Gaukhar Zhunussova, BSc Economics

The main reasons for me to choose University of Bristol were its excellent academic reputation and Bristol being a perfect place to live in. I fell in love with this city: lots of green parks, hot air balloons in the sky, people are nice and friendly. What’s there not to love about Bristol?

The program I chose was BSc Honours in Economics. The course structure is designed very well; we had to do main subjects such as Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Econometrics for all 3 years. However, whilst it is not a Joint Honours degree you get to choose units beyond the core economics units, so the course is very flexible. I could take all the units with Econometrics, some Accounting units and even a foreign language. The course itself is intellectually challenging but that is what makes it prestigious. The academic staff are always there to help and support you.

There are many international students in EFM school, and you make friends with people from different countries. It is an amazing opportunity to share the cultural differences, to overcome homesickness together. Now that I am going back to Kazakhstan to work I feel happy to be a member of Bristol University family and to have friends all around the world.

Gaukhar Zhunussova, BSc Economics (2012)
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