Ben Coyle, BSc Economics

I chose to study at the University of Bristol for three main reasons: firstly, it has a fantastic academic reputation, secondly, its location within the vibrant and lively City of Bristol was extremely desirable. Finally, the economics course I chose seemed organised and well suited to my strengths.

In my last few years of school, the two subjects that I was most interested in were economics and mathematics, so I was keen to do something at university that incorporated aspects of both of these. The economics course at Bristol was (and is) an extremely mathematical course offering a Bachelor of Science, so it seemed like the perfect choice. I attended an open day, and I was impressed at how well run and managed the department was. It was therefore a straight-forward decision.

I am fortunate to be leaving Bristol with hundreds, if not thousands, of wonderful memories, but one that stands out particularly was attending the varsity rugby match against the University of the West of England. The atmosphere was amazing, and the pride that Bristol supporters held for their university and their team was unforgettable.

I think that the city location of the University of Bristol makes it a wonderful place to both live and study. You can live in the beautiful Clifton Village, and still walk to lectures or the library within 10 minutes; there are also hundreds of pubs to explore which is always a bonus.

During my time at Bristol, I have always seen an impressive commitment from the teaching and administrative staff to provide a high quality of teaching and learning at all times.

If I were to offer one piece of advice to prospective students, I would say that as long as you like the course, it is unlikely you will have any regrets about choosing the University of Bristol.

Ben Coyle, BSc Economics (2012)
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