Alexandre Weil, BSc Economics

Born of two French parents, I lived in Paris until the age of 18.  From an early age, I was disappointed by the French schooling system, so I decided to work hard on my English, hoping that I would, one day, get accepted in a British University for my undergraduate studies.

Many reasons pushed me to come study at the University of Bristol. First of all, I love mathematics and I had been told that Economics at Bristol was a very mathematical course. I thought it would be a nice city to live in, certainly cheaper than London.

I have always liked mathematics, but I thought studying straight mathematics could be too nerdy for me, as I also like writing essays. Moreover, Economics was for me the perfect subject to study, as I want to go into finance or investment banking after my studies. I am more than happy to have chosen Economics, as it is an extremely interesting course. On top of that, it is very well taught.

Bristol is a safe and beautiful city, with loads of nice places to eat, to party, amazing sports facilities. I am addicted to the gym, and the university one is huge, incredibly well equipped and only few metres away from all our lectures.  Furthermore, Bristol is a big enough city to keep you busy all year, but small enough so that you can run into some friends every time you go out.  Nightclubs, sports fields, lectures, restaurants, libraries, shops; everything is close to each other.

If I were to offer any advice to students thinking about coming to university; work hard from the beginning. I wouldn’t have got such exams results if I hadn’t started studying from the end of welcome week. I am certainly not the one who studies the most timely-wise, but I work regularly, and I do everything on time, which I believe, gave me an advantage over many people during exams.

Alexandre Weil, BSc Economics
Winner of an Alumni Achievement Award and a Dean's prize for outstanding first year performance
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