Personal tutor

Every student admitted onto an undergraduate programme within the School of Economics, Finance and Management will be allocated to a personal tutor.

Your personal tutor is there to provide advice, assistance, and support througout your undergraduate career. 

If you have questions about academic study, preparation for exams, who to see if you have health, financial or other personal problems, your personal tutor is the first person to contact.

Your personal tutor may also teach you - we try to allocate personal tutors so that teach their personal tutees at some stage.  Ideally you will have the same personal tutor for the whole period you are at Bristol but we cannot guarantee this.

All personal tutors have specific times called 'advice and feedback hours' when they are available to meet students, and you can arrange to meet your personal tutor at other times if necessary.

You will have a timetabled session in Welcome Week to meet your personal tutor. Please see your Welcome Week timetable for further information.

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