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Congratulations on gaining a place to study for an honours degree in the School of Economics, Finance and Management.  This page provides information and useful links about registration, and the personal tutor system in the School of Economics, Finance and Management.

Information about optional units

Students registered for BSc Economics, BSc Economics with Study in Continental Europe, BSc Economics and Econometrics, BSc Economics and Finance, BSc Economics and Accounting, BSc Accounting and Finance, BSc Accounting and Finance with Study in Continental Europe and BSc Accounting and Management are required to choose optional units, either within the School, or open units from across the University.  Please note that the deadline for submitting your online option form is Monday 4th September, 11.59pm (BST). 

Personal tutor system

Every student admitted onto an undergraduate programme within the School of Economics, Finance and Management will be allocated a personal tutor.

All students will meet their Personal Tutor as part of the registration process on Wednesday 20th or Thursday 21st September.

Your Personal Tutor is there to provide advice, assistance and support throughout your undergraduate career. If you have questions about academic study, selection of options, preparation for exams, who to see if you have health, financial or other personal problems, your Personal Tutor is the first person you should contact. The vast majority of students get through their degree programme without serious problems, but since your Personal Tutor is also the person who has the direct responsibility for writing references for you – whether it is for a job, graduate study, a tenancy agreement etc – it is important that you establish and maintain contact.

Your Personal Tutor may teach you – we try to allocate Personal Tutors so that they will teach their personal tutees at some stage – and ideally you will have the same Personal Tutor for the whole period you are at Bristol but we cannot guarantee this. The onus is on you to make the most of the Personal Tutor system. So, don’t be shy of making regular contact. All Personal Tutors have specific times – Office Hours – when they are available in their offices to meet students, and you can arrange to meet your Personal Tutor at other times if necessary.

Register for optional units

Students on programmes with optional units must register for optional or open units.

The deadline for submitting your online option form is Monday 4th September. 

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Contact us

If you have any queries please contact the School Undergraduate Information Office on or 0117 3310500

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