The Sharp End Partnership

The UN SIDS Partnership 'Learning from the Sharp End of Environmental Uncertainty in SIDS', or, the 'Sharp End Partnership', was launched at the UN Conference on Small Island Developing States, Apia, Samoa, 1-4 September 2014

Founding partners


The partnership was initiated at an international conference on the theme of Learning from the Sharp End of Environmental Uncertainty in Small Island States at the University of Bristol in July 2014.

The objective of this partnership is to support a wider global process of learning from the sharp end experience of SIDS in dealing with environmental uncertainty and climate change through developing a wide and inclusive network of post-secondary and tertiary education institutions, specialists, and international organisations for:

The city of Bristol, where the partnership was formed, will serve as the European Green Capital in 2015, thereby providing the partnership an opportunity to further showcase its work, including learning from the collective SIDS experience, to European states in order to widen international awareness of the experience at the Sharp End.



Submission of research bid emerging from work undertaken at the July 2014 Conference and Research Planning Workshop in Bristol


Development of a SIDS professional learning community with peer exchange to support development and delivery of contextualised curricular that link sustainable development to local livelihoods.
Scoping and enhancing existing research and policy document repositories (online and other) in the thematic content areas represented by the partnership. Making these more visible and accessible. Supporting the development of SIDS-specific components within existing systems.
Project Reports and associated outputs from two research projects: a) joint USP/ British Academy research project drawing out implications particularly for ESD and Teacher Education, and b) study of Resilience in Small Island States drawing out implications for environmental resilience conceptualisations for international discourse strengthening


More information to follow


Staff / technical expertise Researcher and practitioner expertise from those based in Belize, Fiji, Maldives, Malta, St Lucia, UK and Zanzibar
In-kind contribution Meeting spaces and web hosting for seminars, workshops and platforms identified in objectives and outputs
Financing (in USD) Regular programming and extra budgetary sources and resources from Partners for travel and time related to states objectives and outputs
Staff / technical expertise Secretariat Coordination undertaken by the Education in Small States Research Group
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