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China Educational Research Network (CERN)

Convener: Prof Sally Thomas and Ms Yu Chen


CERN news

1 April 2010

CERN are delighted to report a new 3 year ESRC/DFID project has been awarded to Sally Thomas and Wen-Jung Peng from 1st May 2010 to conduct research on the topic of teacher development and educational quality, in partnership with CNIER. 

Recent CERN and other activities

Date Activity
14 November 2013 CERN seminar, PhD student Yu Chen presented her research on 'Who deserves a better life? Expansion, access and social equality in Chinese Higher Education'
3 July 2013 CERN seminar, Lei Zhang (Phd student) and Dini Jiang (MA student) gave an overview on key papers presented at the China Educational Research Conference, 21 June 2013, IOE, London
4 Feb 2013 CERN seminar, Visiting Prof Xingyu Qi of Shengyang Normal University and research student Dini Jiang of University of Bristol jointly presented a pape on 'a quantitative research of school effectiveness and improvement in China'
25 June 2012 CERN seminar, ITDEQC project team members (Wen-Jung Peng, Lingyu Yi and Xiaomei Yan) presented the project's initial findings about teacher professional development and examining schools as professional learning communities in the Chinese context.
16 January 2012 CERN seminar, PhD student Xiaomei Yan and Prof Keping Sun of Shanghai Normal University, China, spoke about argumentation in chemical education in higher education contexts: dialogue between UK and China.
10 June 2011 CERN seminar on IEEQC project findings and introduction to ITDEQC project, as part of public lecture series, Festival of Education, Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol
4 February 2011 Social event: Chinese New Year lunch meeting
13 December 2010 CERN seminar, two presentations include i) a glimpse into the governance at the Chinese university (Yu Chen, PhD student); ii) an emerging global model for higher education? (Paul Morrissey, PhD student)
2 July 2010 CERN seminar, two presentations include i) trends of higher educational theory research in China (1996-2005) (Gang Wang, visiting scholar); and ii) China's educational cooperation with Africa and an exploration in Tanzania' (Tingting Yuan, PhD student).
1 March 2010 CERN seminar on Educational Quality in China held at GSOE. Four presentations include i) Introduction to the system of monitoring on compulsory education in China (Ms Chunrong Ren, CNIER/Beijing); ii) the research on correlation between emotional intelligence and creativity of secondary school students in Beijing (Ms Chong Zhang, CNIER/Beijing); iii) over-education in labour market: evidence from China (Dr Xiangrong Wu, CNIER/Beijing); and iv) selected IEEQC findings (Dr Wen-Jung Peng, GSOE).
Nov/Dec 2009 Planned seminar with China National Institute for Education Research
14-15 July 2009 Bristol Postgraduate Network for East Asian Studies (BRIDGE) inaugural conference, University of Bristol
22 June 2009 CERN meeting
12 May 2009 A half day joint seminar by ICS and CERN on Chinese Education System, presented by GSOE Masters Students, University of Bristol
2 March 2009 China Educational Research Network (CERN) meeting


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Participation is invited ed from all students and staff within the Bristol Graduate School of Education (GSOE), other parts of the faculty and from external members.

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