Web Room Booking

What is Web Room Booking?

Web Room Booking is an online room requesting tool (linked to the University's, Syllabus Plus, timetabling system). It enables any UoB member of staff to be able to request Learning Facilities Management (LFM) supported rooms electronically for meetings, talks, and other non-teaching events. You, the requestor, will receive electronic notification - via email - of your booking's status: accepted or declined (and, where appropriate, an explanation).

Web Room Booking 17/18   - On Monday 9th July WRB 17/18 will be unavailable for essential maintenance. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Web Room Booking 18/19

What are the benefits?

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Teaching requests

Staff must not use the Web Room Booking Tool to book rooms for teaching activities and Room Bookings will not process any teaching requests received. Teaching rooms for activities associated with a unit code or an activity that needs to be shown on student/staff timetables must be arranged by your local  Faculty Timetabling & Education Officer.

Bookings that are not associated with teaching but would benefit from being displayed on a student/staff timetable (i.e. regular research seminars) should be discussed with your Faculty Timetabling & Education Officer.

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Exam requests

Locally held Exam bookings that are associated with particular unit codes must be arranged by your Faculty Timetabling & Education Officer, unless your exam is hosted by an external organization in which case please contact the Conference Office.

Room Bookings for main University exams are organised by the Examinations Office.

Room Bookings for alternative arrangement exams can be requested through WRB.

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Student requests

Student Society requests should be made via Learning Facilities Management's online booking request form. Student Societies are welcome to request rooms should the Student Union be unable to accommodate them. If you have any questions regarding the student society bookings please email: LFM-societies@bristol.ac.uk

General student requests (non society related) should be requested via their local school office.

Student Societies or Brand Ambassadors arranging events with external employers must liaise with the Careers Service

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External requests

External requests, including those that involve members of the University, should be directed to the University Conference Office.

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Other University contacts

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Booking procedure

Web Room Booking is available according to the academic year. The current academic year will always be available to book. The forthcoming academic year only becomes available around May of the current academic year.

Request dates for the forthcoming 2017/18 academic year are outlined in the following table.

Bookings outside of term time/core teaching hours:

Booking procedure for non-teaching requests outside of term time, evenings after 6pm and weekends is straightforward: requests can be made at any point provided that dates fall within the bookable period of the available academic year databases.

Bookings during term time/core teaching hours:

Booking procedure for non-teaching requests during the teaching day (9am-6pm or 9am-1pm on a Wednesday) during term time has tighter restrictions: requests cannot be made until the teaching timetable has been released by Timetabling and Room Booking.

Certain booking requests by University areas/users will be permitted in advance of general bookings due to the nature of the booking. The following table demonstrates the booking procedure for the forthcoming 2017/18 academic year:

Booking descriptionRequest dates for 18/19
Welcome Week (centrally managed)  5th – 16th March 2018
Court and Council  5th – 16th March 2018
Degree Ceremonies  5th – 16th March 2018
Exams Office  5th – 16th March 2018
Main University Open Days  5th – 16th March 2018
Conference Office  28th March - 11th April 2018
Public Lectures (PACEO)  28th March - 11th April 2018
Admissions  28th March - 11th April 2018
Campaigns and Alumni  28th March - 11th April 2018
Careers  28th March - 11th April 2018
Other: Out of term-time  23rd April onwards
Other: Evening (Mon-Fri 18:00 onwards)  23rd April onwards
Other: Wednesday PM (13:00 onwards)  23rd April onwards
Other: Weekend  23rd April onwards
Other: Term-time On release of timetable (first week of term)

Please note: advance bookings (Welcome Week - Careers) will not be handled in chronological order. All 'Other' general bookings will be handled in chronological order.

Any queries or questions regarding the above should be emailed to: room-bookings@bristol.ac.uk

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