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Recent discussion papers are listed below. For older papers, before 2006, please see the separate page relating to . Most of the discussion papers can be downloaded as PDFs. Requests for hard copies should be addressed to the authors.

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20/724 (393kb) Grant Miller, Áureo de Paula and Christine Valente Subjective Expectations and Demand for Contraception  2020 May 
20/723 (395kb) Almudena Sevilla and Sarah Smith Baby steps: The gender division of childcare during the COVID19 pandemic 2020 May
20/722 (6,490kb) Alberto Alesina, Marlon Seror, David Y. Yang, Yang You and Weihong Zeng  Persistence through Revolutions 2020 May 
20/721 (885kb) Pawel Doligalski, Abdoulaye Ndiaye and Nicolas Werquin  Redistribution with Performance Pay 2020

 April (Updated 21 May 2020)

20/720 (1,464kb) Jonas Lau-Jensen Hirani, Hans Henrik Sievertsen and Miriam Wüst

The Timing of Early Interventions and Child
and Maternal Health

2020 March
20/719 (319kb)

Leandro De Magalhães

Estimating slim-majority effects in US state legislatures with a regression discontinuity design under local randomization assumptions

 2020  January
19/718 (3047kb) David Pacini

Proximal Statistics: Asymptotic Normality

2019 September
19/717 (1,770kb) Simon Burgess, Ellen Greaves and Richard Murphy

Deregulating Teacher Labor Markets

2019 August
19/716 (455kb) Fabio Monteforte, Mathan Satchi and Jonathan Temple

Development Priorities: The Relative Benefits of Agricultural Growth

2019 June
19/715 (377kb)

Frank Windmeijer, Xiaoran Liang, Fernando P. Hartwig and Jack Bowden

The Confidence Interval Method for Selecting Valid Instrumental Variables



19/714 (1,136kb)

Francesco Pappada and Yanos Zylberberg

Sovereign default and imperfect tax enforcement

2019 May
19/713 (2,497kb)

Clement Imbert, Marlon Seror, Yifan Zhang and Yanos Zylberberg

Migrants and Firms: Evidence from China

2018 December
19/712 (10,233kb)

Stephan Heblich, Marlon Seror, Hao Xu and Yanos Zylberberg

Industrial clusters in the long run: Evidence from Million-Rouble plants in China

2019 May
19/711 (371kb) Ahmed Pirzada

Do exchange rate shocks matter for Pakistan's export performance?

2019 April
19/710 (572kb) Leandro de Magalhaes and Salomo Hirvonen

The Incumbent-Challenger Advantage and the Winner-Runner-up Advantage

2019 March
19/709 (837kb) Leandro de Magalhaes and Francesco Giovannoni

War and the Rise of Parliaments

2019 February (Updated 3rd May 2019)
19/708 (245kb) Frank Windmeijer

Weak Instruments, First-Stage Heteroskedasticity and the Robust F-test

2019 February
19/707 (760kb) Sekyu Choi, Stefano Banfi and Benjamín Villena-Roldán Deconstructing Job Search Behavior 2019 January
19/706 (652kb)

Sekyu Choi, Stefano Banfi and Benjamín Villena-Roldán

Sorting On-line and On-time 2019 January 
18/705 (263Kb)

Battal Doğan and M. Bumin Yenmez

Unified Versus Divided Enrollment in School Choice: Improving Student Welfare in Chicago

2018 November
18/704 (311Kb)

Battal Doğan and M. Bumin Yenmez

When Does an Additional Stage Improve Welfare in Centralized Assignment? 2018 November
18/703 (656Kb)

Raúl J. Crespo and José A. Zambrano

Macroeconomic Impacts of Oil Price Shocks in Venezuela 2018 October 
18/702 (611Kb)

Whitney Newey and Sami Stouli

Control Variables, Discrete Instruments, and Identification of Structural Functions

2018 September 
18/701 (432Kb)

Jon X. Eguia and Francesco Giovannoni

Tactical Extremism

2018 June
18/700 (488Kb)

Maija Halonen-Akatwijuka and Evagelos Pafilis

Common Ownership of Public Goods

2018 June
18/699 (1.1Mb)

Simon Burgess and Lucinda Platt

Inter-ethnic Relations of Teenagers in England’s Schools: the Role of School and Neighbourhood Ethnic Composition

2018 May
18/698 (641Kb)

Ulrik Hvidman and Hans Henrik Sievertsen

High-Stakes Grades and Student Behavior

2018 May
18/697 (1.2Mb)

Richard H. Spady and Sami Stouli

Simultaneous Mean-Variance Regression 2018 April
18/696 (428Kb)

Frank Windmeijer

Testing Over- and Underidentification in Linear Models, with Applications to Dynamic Panel Data and Asset-Pricing Models 2018 March 
18/695 (873Kb)

Paweł Doligalski and Luis E. Rojas

Optimal Redistribution with a Shadow Economy

2018 March
18/694 (2.6Mb) Christoph Koenig and David Schindler

Dynamics in Gun Ownership and Crime – Evidence from the Aftermath of Sandy Hook

2018 January
17/693 (1Mb) Timo Hiller

Too Big to Jail? Key-Player Policies When the Network is Endogenous

2017 December
17/692 (473Kb) Chongwoo Choe and In-Uck Park Information Transmission Through Influence Activities 2017 December
17/691 (509Kb) Maija Halonen-Akatwijuka and In-Uck Park Coordination of Humanitarian Aid 2017 December
17/690 (585Kb) Victor Chernozhukov, Iván Fernández-Val, Whitney Newey, Sami Stouli, Francis Vella

Semiparametric Estimation of Structural Functions in Nonseparable Triangular Models

2017  November
17/689 (1.4Mb)

Simon Burgess, Ellen Greaves and Anna Vignoles

Understanding Parental Choices of Secondary School in England Using National Administrative Data

2017 October
17/688 (416Kb)

Sarah Smith, Mark Ottoni-Wilhelm and Kimberley Scharf

The Donation Response to Natural Disasters

2017 September
17/687 (588Kb)

Kimberley Scharf, Sarah Smith and Mark Ottoni-Wilhelm

Lift and Shift: The Effect of Fundraising Interventions in Charity Space and Time

2017 September
17/686 (458Kb) Ahmed Jamal Pirzada

Price Stickiness and Intermediate Materials Prices

2017 August
17/685 (859Kb) Steven Proud

The Impact of Online Message-Boards on Performance in First Year Econometrics Units

2017 July
17/684 (1.3Mb) Stephanie von Hinke and George Leckie

Protecting Calorie Intakes against Income Shocks

2017 June
17/683 (270Kb) Frank Windmeijer

Two-Stage Least Squares as Minimum Distance

2017 June
17/682 (655Kb) Marc Sangnier and Yanos Zylberberg

Protests and Trust in the State: Evidence from African Countries

2017 May
17/681 (492Kb) Ahmed Jamal Pirzada

Energy Price Uncertainty and Decreasing Pass-through to Core Inflation

2017 April 
16/680 (729Kb) Patrick Arni and Amelie Schiprowski

Strengthening Enforcement in Unemployment Insurance: A Natural Experiment

2016 December
16/679 (615Kb) Christopher L. Skeels and Frank Windmeijer

On the Stock-Yogo Tables

2016 November
16/678 (1.08Mb) Simon Burgess, Robert Metcalfe and Sally Sadoff

Understanding the Response to Financial and Non-financial Incentives in Education: Field Experimental Evidence Using High-stakes Assessments

2016 October
16/677 (3.1Mb) Leandro De Magalhães, Dongya Koh and Raül Santaeulàlia-Llopis

Consumption and Expenditure in Sub-Saharan Africa

2016  September 
16/676 (268Kb) David Pacini and Frank Windmeijer

Robust Inference for the Two-Sample 2SLS Estimator

2016 June
16/675 (473Kb) Gervas Huxley and Mike W. Peacey

Self-Control at College

2016 June
16/674 (447Kb) Frank Windmeijer, Helmut Farbmacher, Neil Davies and George Davey Smith

On the Use of the Lasso for Instrumental Variables Estimation with Some Invalid Instruments

2016 June
16/673 (463Kb) Daniel Borowczyk-Martins and Etienne Lalé

The Welfare Effects of Involuntary Part-time Work

2016 April
16/672 (7.27Mb) Senay Sokullu and Sami Stouli

Cross-Validation Selection of Regularization Parameter(s) for Semiparametric Transformation Models

2016 March
16/671 (1.13Mb) Steve Gibbons, Stephan Heblich, Esther Lho and Christopher Timmins Fear of Fracking: The Impact of the Shale Gas Exploration on House Prices in Britain 2016 March
16/670 (486Kb) Engin Kara and Ahmed Jamal Pirzada A Possible Explanation of the Missing Deflation Puzzle 2016 March
16/669 (713Kb) Richard H. Spady and Sami Stouli Dual Regression 2016 January
16/668 (405Kb) Etienne Lalé Loss of Skill and Labor Market Fluctuations  2015  November
15/667 (429Kb) José M. Fernández and Matteo Pazzona Evaluating the Spillover Eff ects of the Plan Colombia in Ecuador 2015 November
15/666 (951Kb) José M. Fernández

Interdependence among Agricultural Commodity Markets, Macroeconomic Factors, Crude Oil and Commodity Index

2015 November 
15/665 (472Kb) Maija Halonen-Akatwijuka and Oliver Hart

Continuing Contracts

2015 August
15/664 (563Kb) Daniel Borowczyk-Martins and Etienne Lalé

How Bad is Involuntary Part-time Work?

2016 January
15/663 (442Kb) Adwoa A. Nsor-Ambala

Foreign Transfers, Manufacturing Growth and the Dutch Disease Revisited

2015 August
15/662 (469Kb) Leandro De Magalhães and Salomo Hirvonen

Multi-Office Incumbency Advantage: Political Careers in Brazil

2015 June
15/661 (394Kb) Fabiana Gomez and David Pacini

Counting Biased Forecasters: An Application of Multiple Testing Techniques

2015 May 
15/660 (244Kb) David Pacini and Frank Windmeijer

Moment Conditions for AR(1) Panel Data Models with Missing Outcomes

2015 May
15/659 (464Kb) Patrick Carter

Aid Econometrics: Lessons From a Stochastic Growth Model

2015 May
15/658 (496Kb) Jonathan Temple and Nicolas Van de Sijpe

Foreign Aid and Domestic Absorption

2015 May
16/657 (475Kb) Etienne Lalé

Worker Reallocation Across Occupations: Confronting Data With Theory

2015 May
15/656 (467Kb) James Rockey and Jonathan Temple

Growth Econometrics for Agnostics and True Believers

2015 May
15/655 (1.08Mb) Leandro De Magalhães and Raül Santaeulàlia-Llopis

The Consumption, Income, and Wealth of the Poorest: Cross-Sectional Facts of Rural and Urban Sub-Saharan Africa for Macroeconomists

2015 April 
15/654 (555Kb) Fabio Monteforte

Structural Transformation, the Push-Pull Hypothesis and the Labour Market

2015 April
15/653 (317Kb) Huikang Ying

Labour Informality, Selective Migration, and Productivity in General Equilibrium

2015 April
15/652 (913Kb) Etienne Lalé Turbulence and the Employment Experience of Older Workers 2015 January
14/651 (446Kb) Etienne Lalé Front-loading the Payment of Unemployment Benefits 2014 December
14/650 (537Kb) Jonathan Temple and Huikang Ying Life During Structural Transformation  2014 November
14/649 (345Kb) Jonathan Temple, Huikang Ying and Patrick Carter Transfers and Transformations: Remittances, Foreign Aid, and Growth 2014 November
14/648 (738Kb) Etienne Lalé

Labor-market Frictions, Incomplete Insurance and Severance Payments

2016 August
14/647 (549Kb) Grégory Jolivet and Hélène Turon

Consumer Search Costs and Preferences on the Internet

2014 November
14/646 (651Kb) José M. Fernández

Long Run Dynamics of World Food, Crude Oil Prices and Macroeconomic Variables: A Cointegration VAR Analysis

2014 November
14/645 (717Kb) Steven Proud Resits in Higher Education: Merely a Bar to Jump Over, or Do They Give a Pedagogical 'Leg Up'? 2014 July
14/644 (325Kb) Eleanor Sanderson and Frank Windmeijer A Weak Instrument F-Test in Linear IV Models with Multiple Endogenous Variables 2014 June
14/643 (314Kb) Leandro De Magalhães Incumbency Effects in a Comparative Perspective: Evidence from Brazilian Mayoral Elections 2014 June
14/642 (1.45Mb) Oliver Falck, Robert Gold and Stephan Heblich E-lections: Voting Behavior and the Internet 2014 June
14/641 (497Kb) Francesco Giovannoni and Miltiadis Makris Reputational Bidding 2014 June
14/640 (1.62Mb) Elena Asparouhova, Peter Bossaerts, Jon Eguia and William Zame Asset Pricing and Asymmetric Reasoning 2014 May
14/639 (533Kb) Huikang Ying Growth and Structural Change in a Dynamic Lagakos-Waugh Model 2014 May
14/638 (350Kb) Jon X. Eguia and Kenneth A. Shepsle Endogenous Assembly Rules, Senior Agenda Power, and Incumbency Advantage 2014 May
14/637 (492Kb) Daniel Borowczyk-Martins, Jake Bradley and Linas Tarasonis Racial Discrimination in the U.S. Labor Market: Employment and Wage Differentials by Skill 2014 May
14/636 (687Kb) Patrick Carter and Jonathan Temple Virtuous Circles and the Case for Aid 2014 May
13/635 (315Kb) Engin Kara and Jasmin Sin Liquidity, Quantitative Easing and Optimal Monetary Policy 2013 September
12/634 (233Kb) Engin Kara and Jasmin Sin Fiscal Multiplier in a Credit-Constrained New Keynesian Economy 2012 December
12/633 (422Kb) Timo Hiller Peer Effects in Endogenous Networks 2012 November
12/632 (193Kb) Engin Kara Using Micro Data on Prices to Improve Business Cycle Models 2012 November
12/631 (451Kb) David Pacini Least Square Linear Prediction with Two-Sample Data 2012 November
12/630 (248Kb) Patrick Carter Aid Allocation Rules 2012 October
12/629 (305Kb) Timo Hiller Friends and Enemies: A Model of Signed Network Formation 2012 October
12/628 (815Kb) Senay Sokullu Nonparametric Analysis of Two-Sided Markets 2012 October
12/627 (1.04Mb) Roman Fossati Outsourcing versus Vertical Integration: A Dynamic Model of Industry Equilibrium 2012 September
12/626 (227Kb) Imran Hussain Shah and Yuanyuan Wang Revisiting the Dynamic Effects of Oil Price Shock on Small Developing Economies 2012 August
12/625 (509Kb) Senay Sokullu and Jean-Pierre Florens Nonparametric Estimation of Semiparametric Transformation Models 2012 July
12/624 (220Kb) Francesco Giovannoni and Daniel J. Seidmann Corruption and Power in Democracies 2012 June
11/623 (184Kb) Engin Kara Understanding and Modelling Reset Price Inflatio 2011 November
11/622 (238Kb) Leandro M. de Magalhães Political Parties and the Tax Level in the American states: A Regression Discontinuity Design 2011 July
11/621 (222Kb) Huw Dixon and Engin Kara Taking Multi-Sector Dynamic General Equilibrium Models to the Data 2011 July
14/620 (416Kb) Leandro M. De Magalhães and Lucas Ferrero Separation of Powers and the Tax Level in the U. S. States 2014 December
10/619 (173Kb) Engin Kara Reset Price Inflation and Monetary Policy 2010 September
10/618 (895Kb) Richard D.F. Harris, Evarist Stoja and Fatih Yilmaz A Cyclical Model of Exchange Rate Volatility 2010 April
09/617 (304Kb) Arnold Polanski and Evarist Stoja Efficient Evaluation of Multidimensional Time-Varying Density Forecasts with an Application to Risk Management, 2009 December
09/616 (80Kb) Arnold Polanski and Evarist Stoja Dynamic Density Forecasts for Multivariate Asset Returns 2009 September
10/615 (181Kb) David Demery State-Dependent Pricing and the Non-Neutrality of Money (revised version) 2011 June
09/613 (279Kb) Adriana Korczak, Piotr Korczak and Meziane Lasfer To Trade or Not to Trade: The Strategic Trading of Insiders around News Announcements 2009 October
09/612 (245Kb) Piotr Korczak and Kate Phylaktis Related Securities, Allocation of Attention and Price Discovery: Evidence from NYSE-Listed Non-U.S. Stocks 2009 October
09/611 (146Kb) Daniella Acker and Nigel W. Duck On the Reliability of I/B/E/S Earnings Announcement Dates and Forecasts 2009 November
09/610 (346Kb) Edmund Cannon and Ian Tonks The Value and Risk of Defined Contribution Pension Schemes: International Evidence 2009 July
09/609 (695Kb) Giuseppe Moscarini and Fabien Postel-Vinay Large Employers Are More Cyclically Sensitive 2009 February
08/608 (204Kb) Andrew Pickering and Héctor Valle Openness, imported commodities and the Phillips curve 2008 October
08/607 (201Kb) John Maloney and Andrew Pickering Ideology, Competence and Luck: What determines general election results? 2008 November
08/606 (134Kb) Jonathan R. W. Temple The Calibration of CES Production Functions 2008 September
08/605 (277Kb) Imran Rasul and Silvia Sonderegger The Role of the Agent's Outside Options in Principal-Agent Relationships 2008 September
08/604 (405Kb) Fabrizio Adriani, Giancarlo Marini and Pasquale Scaramozzino The Inflationary Consequences of a Currency Changeover on the Catering Sector: Evidence from the Michelin Red Guide 2008 June
08/602 (139Kb) Anthony Brewer The Concept of an Agricultural Surplus, from Petty to Smith 2008 April
08/601 (83Kb) Anthony Brewer Adam Smith's stages of history 2008 March
07/600 (357Kb) James Rockey Which Democracies Pay Higher Wages? 2007 December
07/599 (541Kb) Andrew Pickering and James Rockey Ideology and the Growth of Government 2007 October
07/598 (152Kb) David Demery and Nigel W. Duck Two plus two equals six: an alternative explanation of why so many goods prices end in nine 2007 July
07/597 (2.658Kb) Pornpinun Chantapacdepong Determinants of the time varying risk premia 2007 March
07/596 (284Kb) Thierry Rayna and Ludmila Striukova Digital Rights Management: White Knight or Trojan Horse? 2007 April
07/595 (374Kb) Maurice J.G. Bun and Frank Windmeijer The Weak Instrument Problem of the System GMM Estimator in Dynamic Panel Data Models 2007 March
06/594 (180Kb) Anthony Brewer On the other (invisible) hand ... 2006 November
06/593 (651Kb) Thierry Rayna IPR Protection in the High-Tech Industries: A Model of Piracy 2006 August
06/592 (462Kb) Spyros Andreopoulos The real interest rate, the real oil price, and US unemployment revisited 2006 November
06/591 (301Kb) Frank Windmeijer GMM for panel count data model 2006 October
06/590 (645Kb) Jochonia S. Mathunjwa and Jonathan R. W. Temple Convergence behaviour in exogenous growth models 2006 August
06/589 (519Kb) Yongfu Huang Private investment and financial development in a globalized world 2006 July
06/588 (398Kb) Wei Huang Emerging Markets, Financial Openness and Financial Development 2006 July
06/587 (486Kb) Vatcharin Sirimaneetham What drives liberal policies in developing countries? 2006 June
06/586 (848Kb) Yingfu Huang On the political economy of financial reform 2006 June
06/585 (559Kb) Luis P. Correia Schooling, learning on-the-job, earnings and inequality 2006 May
06/584 (528Kb) Vatcharin Sirimaneetham and Jonathan Temple Macroeconomic policy and the distribution of growth rates 2006 March
06/583 (471Kb) Vatcharin Sirimaneetham Explaining policy volatility in developing countries 2006 February
06/582 (228Kb) Manoel F. Meyer Bittencourt Financial Development and Inequality: Brazil 1985-99 2006 January
06/581 (621Kb) Mathan Satchi and Jonathan Temple Growth and labour markets in developing countries 2006 January
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