Funded cohort-based doctoral training

The University of Bristol’s research-intensive profile and reputation enables it to secure funding for cohort-based doctoral education from a wide range of sources.
Grants from the UK Research Councils and other major funders support cohort-based doctoral training in many areas of academic strength at Bristol. These programmes often offer scholarships and are run in collaboration with other universities, or with global companies, giving students access to a wealth of resources.

Doctoral training initiatives

Details of the University's doctoral training partnerships and centres for doctoral training are categorised below according to faculty and are included in our doctoral training overview (PDF, 188kB). A full A-Z listing including all EU-funded doctoral training networks will soon be available.



Biomedical Sciences


Health Sciences


Social Sciences and Law

Recent Bristol-led successes

The South, West and Wales consortium (eight universities) has been awarded £14.2M by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Doctoral Training Partnership for 200 PhD studentships.

The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) GW4+ DTP (in collaboration with Exeter, Cardiff and Bath universities) has been allocated £11.6M to support 140 studentships – the largest allocation to any DTP in the UK.

Bristol leads ten Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Centres for Doctoral Training and is partner in five more, with grants totalling over £30M to support around 400 studentships. These complement existing Bristol-led DTPs in the social sciences and biosciences.

A hub for doctoral training

The combination of Bristol's Research Council funded partnerships and centres for doctoral training, together with 12 EU-funded doctoral training networks, results in one of the largest concentrations of funding and support for collaborative research training in the UK.