Why choose Bristol?

At Bristol there are lots of opportunities to make great friendships, try out new things, as well as receiving a great education coupled with support when you need it.

Ahmed Omran (BDS Dentistry)

love being a 3rd year dental student in Bristol as I am moving on in the course to treat patients, using the skills that I've acquired through the fantastic teaching and training here.

Jennifer Vesey (BDS Dentistry)

It's great being a 3rd year student at Bristol because it is the perfect mixture of academics and socialising.

Shadi El-Basyuni (BDS Dentistry)

I like being in fourth year because it’s when things start to click and you finally start to understand the true aim of your profession.

May Abdulla (BDS Dentistry)

At Bristol you get to know people from other years very well and feel a real sense of community which is great for getting experienced advice on work... and the social scene!

Hajirah Mir (BDS Dentistry)

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