Postgraduate Certificate Clinical Oral Surgery

The Certificate in Clinical Oral Surgery develops students' knowledge and enhances clinical skills through hands-on clinical experience in oral surgery.

Following a series of study days and clinical skills teaching, students will undertake a clinical attachment within the University of Bristol Dental Hospital where they will treat oral surgery patients under the supervision of hospital specialists.

Did you know?

  • Students will attend outpatient clinics and operate under close supervision in the Oral Surgery department of the Bristol Dental School, University of Bristol Dental Hospital.
  • Our programme has been specifically designed for the dental practitioner who wishes to develop their skills in the provision of clinical oral surgery for their patients in practice.
  • Students can graduate with a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Oral Surgery, Clinical Conscious Sedation and Anxiety Management when combining this programme with the Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Conscious Sedation and Anxiety Management.


Admissions enquiries

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Why you should study the Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Oral Surgery


"We completed our Postgraduate Certificate in Oral Surgery this year and I am pleased to report it was a great success. I had intended for the course to act as a refresher for all aspects of oral surgery and to acquire more confidence in procedures I would routinely encounter. It did that very well and the teaching days I found particularly excellent in being responsive to the aspects of oral surgery we felt were most relevant to us. The ability to ask all the questions you were unsure of in a non-judgmental environment was hugely beneficial."  Alastair Fleming, Clinical Oral Surgery PG Cert Graduate


"The lectures allowed me to update my knowledge base and to think critically when confronted with different scenarios. All the reading and writing tasks proposed were pertinent, challenging and informative. The feedback given by the lectures allowed me to improve my writing and research skills. This also allowed me to re-discover my passion for research and to be very keen in starting my own projects with the intent to be published in relevant journals. The hands-on part of the course was the most useful for me. I was nervous of performing simple procedures and the course slowly built up my confidence. The supervisors were brilliant and very helpful and knowledgeable. I started my clinical days with uncomplicated procedures, for instance simple extractions of single rooted teeth. Most of the days there was one to one supervision, which allowed for instant feedback which is invaluable when performing minor oral surgery procedures. By the end of the course I was confident in removing impacted third molars. There was a good mix of cases that ranged from simple extractions to surgical procedures and there was opportunity to perform biopsies as well. Improving communication with patients, taking detailed medical histories and patient safety were also a relevant part of the clinical aspect of the course.Lara Costa, Clinical Oral Surgery PG Cert Graduate

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