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Overview of the division

The Communications and Marketing Division is headed by the Director (Interim), Maggie Leggett. Her role is to:

The Division's aims


The Division’s overarching aims in support of its mission and of the University’s strategic vision are:

  • to build upon and manage the University's brand, profile and reputation with a wide range of external audiences and stakeholders, as well as to support and promote positive communications within the University;
  • to drive strategic communications and marketing activities to support University-wide and Faculty strategic objectives;
  • to manage well a range of events, activities and services that are important to the life, reputation and smooth running of the University.

The Division's objectives


The Communications and Marketing Division seeks to achieve its mission and aims by meeting the following broad, interrelated objectives:

  • to develop and maintain the University's brand and reputation across all audiences and stakeholders;
  • to support key University activities through strategic marketing and external communications
  • to promote the University’s activities and achievements and challenge misconceptions and misrepresentations where necessary;
  • to glean and disseminate internally information that adds value to the University community, and that supports internal cohesion;
  • to develop partnerships with outside communities, groups and organisations;
  • to direct educational and other events, activities and opportunities that build reputation and relationships, promote dialogue and support the University’s mission;
  • to provide a number of essential administrative and other functions for the University;
  • to support the achievement of the above by maintaining high standards of management and delivery.

The Division's priorities


The Division’s key priorities for 2011/2012 and beyond include:

  1. building and enhancing the University's brand presence across all audiences
  2. refining the University's brand both on and off the web
  3. delivering strategic marketing campaigns to support University-wide and Faculty strategic objectives, including: student recruitment, business engagement and local, national and international partnerships
  4. coordinating and communicating more closely activities which the University carries out locally
  5. the continued embedding of public engagement within the University and the encouragement of, and increase in, the number of staff, students and alumni who play a role as external ambassadors
  6. the building of strategic relationships with potential external ambassadors for the University to support its profile and reputation building
  7. continuing to support the University’s communications across its many and varied activities including new capital developments, as well as responding effectively to any significant issues in the media
  8. to develop and run a series of high-impact events in support of building the University's profile and reputation
  9. to develop a series of internal communications mechanisms to improve the flow of information across the organisation
  10. to ensure key University processes reflect the University's brand