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Centre awarded Alumni fund to promote hearing health awareness

The Centre for Hearing and Balance Studies has been awarded a project by Bristol University Alumni Foundation.  The project title is ‘Music exposure and hearing health awareness’.  The main theme of this project is to provide information regarding music exposure and raise the awareness of hearing health for staff and students within the University.  The specific objectives we propose are as follows:

• To provide effective hearing health education to staff and students in University of Bristol;

• To raise public awareness and understanding on how music exposure may permanently damage hearing;

• To describe the effects of noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus;

• To give public hands-on experience by demonstrating sound levels produced by various personal stereos;

• To provide information about hearing protection and the avoidance of noise induced hearing loss.

One of the project activities is to organise a ‘Hearing Health Open Day’, which will include:

• Public lectures, for example, ‘Noise and hearing loss’, ‘Hearing conservation’, ‘Ear protection’;

• Hearing device demonstration and noise measurements. We will demonstrate various stereo devices, speakers and headphones and give participants hands on experience by measuring sound levels produced by these devices.

Further information, including registration details,  is available on our events page.