Career opportunities

An Audiologist

Audiology offers a rewarding professional career. Due to Department of Health modernisation plans, Audiology is continuing to undergo rapid expansion including major changes in the provision of Audiology services.

The BSc Audiology was originally commissioned by the Department of Health to address the shortfall in the numbers of suitably qualified staff within the NHS and prepare people for work as audiologists within the sector.  As of 2011 the original 4 year undergraduate course will no longer recruit new students. A new 3 year course under the Department of Health within the Modernising Scientific Careers Pathway will continue to recruit at a number of universities across the UK.

The Higher Training Scheme supports progression to senior and ultimately consultant levels within the profession (see the British Academy of Audiology web site for further details). Career opportunities within private healthcare sector have also rapidly increased in recent years.


Students graduating from the programme will be eligible for State Registration with the Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists (Audiology) and the starting salary as a newly qualified Audiologist is likely to be in Band 5 of the NHS pay scale. (See the NHS Employers web site for further details).