The Centre for Doctoral Training in Interactive Artificial Intelligence will train the next generation of innovators in human-in-the-loop AI systems, enabling them to responsibly solve societally important problems.

The programme

As Artificial Intelligence is deployed across an expanding range of scenarios, getting the interaction between humans and intelligent machines right is critical. Our Interactive AI (IAI) doctoral training programme will train you to become an innovator and research leader in responsible, data-driven and knowledge-intensive human-in-the-loop AI systems. The programme will deliver cohorts of highly-trained PhD graduates with the skills to design and implement complex interactive AI pipelines solving societally important problems.

For more information, including programme structure, funding, staff profiles and entry requirements, please see programme details.

Why study Interactive AI at the University of Bristol?

In addition to being part of a world-leading research and training environment, IAI students will benefit from a wide range of extra training opportunities, events and support structures:

  • All aspects of the Interactive AI training programme will be organised around the IAI-Hub: an innovative integrated software environment supporting the development and deployment of Interactive AI pipelines and workflows.
  • The students will have the option to complete an internship or research visit to a national/international academic partner or industrial lab for one to three months. Leading universities (e.g. KU Leuven, UCL, Leiden, Nottingham, UP Valencia, Gent, Aalto, LMU Munich) and companies (e.g. Amazon, Microsoft, Thales) have agreed to host CDT students.
  • A programming trainer will be available to provide advanced training and support to students in using the university’s high-performance computing and data storage systems.
  • Access to other training elements from the wider AI and domain-specific courses that the University offers.
  • Events, reading groups and mini-workshops on relevant topics at Bristol, including an IAI Summer School and Winter School and an IAI seminar series.
  • Turing Masterclasses and the annual CDT conference at the Alan Turing Institute (Bristol is a full partner and will provide this to all IAI CDT students).
  • Events, workshops and courses at other UK institutions and CDTs.
  • Professional and personal development courses, including entrepreneurial skills and public engagement training.
  • An enhanced stipend for selected students, starting at £20.5K per year.

Bristol is a fantastic place to live with a lively AI, machine learning and data science community.

Funded by UKRI.


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Centre Director
Professor Peter Flach

Centre Deputy Director
Dr Paul Marshall

Training Coordinator
Dr Raul Santos-Rodriguez

Research Coordinator
Dr Oliver Ray 

Industry Liaison
Dr Daniel Schien

Academic Liaison
Professor Jonathan Lawry

Responsible AI
Dr Miranda Mowbray 
Professor Andrew Charlesworth 

CDT Manager
Nikki Horrobin

Prospective candidates are encouraged to contact Prof Peter Flach (via

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