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IET Smart Grids and Smart Metering Lecture

Electricity pylon
Dr Dritan Kaleshi, a Senior Lecturer in the Communication Systems & Networks Group of the Centre for Communications Research,  will be giving an IET Bristol Local Network lecture on the 6th February 2012 at 18:00hrs. 

In the lecture he discusses how the proposed UK Smart Metering system will support active energy management to help make the way we use energy become more efficient, and explore how the system might interact with a Smart Grid.


In an era of resource shortages, worsening energy supply security, climate-change and an aging infrastructure, the efficient use of energy is now crucial. Development programmes and legislative mandates around the world are addressing energy management on all fronts, closing the control loop between the generation and the consumption of energy. The UK's domestic consumer market is being addressed with both Smart Meters (to change consumer behaviour and ultimately to support active demand-side energy management) and the Smart Grid. The UK Smart Metering network, due in 2018 at a cost of £8–13billion, will form one of the world's largest distributed sensor/actuator systems with 45 million nodes.

This lecture will give an overview of the UK Smart Metering system, its future role in supporting active energy management, and explore its potential relationship with a Smart Grid. It will conclude with discussing what is desirable, possible, and doable in active end-user energy demand management.

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