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News in 2011

Antennas conference 2011

7 December 2011


Enhancing a trip to the Zoo

5 December 2011

Researchers at the Centre for Communications Research are working on a new range of wireless and video technologies that will radically enhance future trips to the zoo.

Tuneable RF components

5 December 2011

Researchers awarded funds by the University to further research in the field of Electrically Small Tuneable Antennas

Toshiba’s Telecommunications Research Laboratory appoints new Managing Director

10 October 2011

Toshiba’s Telecommunications Research Laboratory (TRL) in Bristol has announced the appointment of Professor Ian Craddock as Managing Director.

Transmitting data from under the earth's ice sheets

6 September 2011

The Cryo-egg project, a collaborative research project between the Centre for Communications Research, Mechanical Engineering, Geography and Earth Sciences, is developing a means of transmitting data from under the earth's ice sheets. As part of this project, Dr Ben Lishman and the University of Bristol team ran field experiments on the Greenland ice sheet during August 2011, looking at signal propagation from radio transmitters lowered into holes in the ice sheet.

A body-centric perspective

6 July 2011

Dr Dominique Paul, a Research Fellow in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, was invited to present her work on wearable electronics at the recent Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Body-Centric Wireless Communications Conference 2011

Optical circuit enables new approach to quantum technologies

27 June 2011

An international research group led by scientists from the University of Bristol, UK, and the Universities of Osaka and Hokkaido, Japan, has demonstrated a fundamental building block for quantum computing that could soon be employed in a range of quantum technologies.

Making connections: Bristol academics at UK-Japan smart grids workshop

17 May 2011

Researchers from the University’s Centre for Communications Research visited Osaka, Japan recently to present details of the UK’s progress on ‘smart energy’ to the UK-Japan Smart Grids and Smart Communities Workshop.

Bristol researchers broadcast news of ‘green’ radio project

6 May 2011

Members of the University’s Centre for Communications Research (CCR) recently reported on Bristol’s ‘green’ radio project at Motorola’s ‘University Partnership’ conference.

Smart meters: the energy revolution in your home

18 April 2011

By 2019, the Government plans to have installed smart energy meters in every home in Britain. Designed to also help consumers better manage their energy usage, the meters will lead to important changes in how the industry operates. However, the estimated cost of converting the UK to smart metering technology is £11 billion, and there are questions as to how this will be achieved and who is going to pay. To help address these issues, experts from across the sector, including Dr Dritan Kaleshi, Senior Lecturer in Communications Networks from the University’s Centre for Communications Research (CCR), met for a special roundtable last month at The Guardian’s headquarters in London.