Workshop on Inference and Scientific Methodology

8 December 2021, 1.00 PM - 8 December 2021, 5.00 PM


The workshop is open to all postgraduate researchers and research staff (pathways 1, 2, and 3).

Workshop summary: we will consider what the scientific method looks like within our own research and learn about the three types of inference (induction, deduction, and abduction).

In more detail: we will create and discuss methodological schematics, pictorially representing what our individual research processes look like (from conception to conclusion). These schematics will be drawn on during the bulk of the session, when we discuss each type of inference in turn. We will discuss lots of examples in order to understand how they are used.

We will consider how we make inferences at each stage of our own research process. In doing so, we will discuss potential pitfalls and how to improve the robustness of our inferences. No prior knowledge of these topics is required. The only necessity is that you have past or planned research, which you can map out onto a methodological schematic. 

The workshop is being run as part of a research study, as we would like to gather data via a feedback survey. As such, those who are interested will need to read and complete Participant Information & Consent Forms.

Time commitments: There are around 50 minutes of activities which must be completed before the workshop. We have planned 4 hours for the workshop (which includes time completing the feedback survey). We may not need all 4 hours.

If you are interested: Please contact Robbie Clark at – saying a few words about your research area and career stage. Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

If you would like to attend the workshop, but cannot attend the suggested date, please contact Robbie. 

Please read the Participant Information Sheet which can be found here: for more information. 

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