BristolBridge AMR Crossfire

BristolBridge AMR Crossfires feature topics ranging from biology and medicine, to engineering and maths. Our goal is to present basic concepts relevant to AMR research in a way that is accessible to everyone, regardless of research background, and in a way that would empower them to use this knowledge in their own research.

Topics may include basics of AMR biology, AMR challenges in the clinic, population health, nanotechnologies and new materials, 3D printing, machine learning and bioinformatics, or modelling.

30 minute AMR Crossfires live stream every month via YouTube. You are able to ask questions during the live presentation through the commenting system, just log in with a gmail account.

All Crossfires are hosted on our YouTube Channel and are available to watch here:

Available AMR Crossfires 

"3D printing" - Sabine Hauert (Engineering Maths)
Introduction to 3D printing and how we can use the technology to fast prototype microfluidics, and 3D print biomaterials. 

"Combating AMR - we're are all in it together" - Matthew Avison (Cellular and Molecular Medicine)
This talk is accessible to all academics and students interested in the problem of antimicrobial drug resistance (AMR) and gives examples of how interdisciplinary working enhances our search for solutions.

"Magnetic Applications in AMR Testing" - Rob Hughes (Mechanical Engineering)
An introduction to magnetic mechanisms and how, with the assistance of magnetic nano-particles, they can be used in antimicrobial resistance (AMR) testing challenges to help mix, sort and capture bacteria.

"Introduction to Machine Learning"Raul Santos-Rodriguez (Engineering Mathematics)
This talk aims to be an entry-level introduction to machine learning for anyone who may be interested in using it in biomedical applications.

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