Research projects

The Bristol AMR interdisciplinary research community is focusing on three main research areas to address the global challenge of antimicrobial resistance: 1) Antimicrobial resistance discovery science; 2) AMR research applications and 3) AMR in a global context

Antimicrobial resistance discovery science

Antibiotic drug discovery

Our research to find new antibiotics derived from natural products.

Understanding and blocking resistance

Identifying what makes bacteria resistant to antibiotics and how it may be reversed or blocked.

Development of novel resistance diagnostics

Novel AMR diagnostics to assist with more effective antibiotic prescribing.

AMR research applications

New approaches to infection prevention and treatment

How using antimicrobial materials in wound care, medical devices and implants are offering potential solutions.

Antibiotic usage and behaviour change in human and veterinary medicine

Identifying the behaviours surrounding antibiotic use in healthcare systems and in veterinary medicine

Data linkage for antibiotic stewardship and reduced AMR in healthcare

Improving the use of antibiotics in primary care to preserve the efficacy of current antibiotics.

AMR in a global context, regulation and policy

Understanding the drivers of AMR in a One Health context

Determining the drivers of AMR in human and veterinary healthcare in global contexts.

Surveillance of AMR and antimicrobial usage in farming

Establishing surveillance systems of AMR and antimicrobial usage in global farming systems

Understanding regulatory systems relevant to drivers of AMR

How different regulatory systems in human and animal healthcare drive global AMR.

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