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Schools Conference on Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance Science, held 9 November 2016

Organised by BristolBridge with support from the School of Chemistry's Bristol ChemLabS outreach team. 


14:00 Welcome - Professor Adrian Mulholland (School of Chemistry)
14:05 “The Rise and Fall of Antibiotics”– Dr Matthew Avison (School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine) 

Following the discovery of antibiotics, we thought we'd solved the problem of bacterial infection. Dr Avison will explain how taking antibiotics for granted and underestimating the adaptability of bacteria has driven us to the end of the antibiotic age and will discuss what might be done to pull us back again.

14:50 Demonstrations 
Nano Simbox - Simulations of the Molecular Nano World (iSci and Chemistry)
Modelling bacteria using robot swarms (Engineering Maths)
How Penicillin works (Cellular and Molecular Medicine and Chemistry) 
The bacterial evolution and medicinal chemistry "Arms Race" (Cellular and Molecular Medicine and Engineering Maths)
Bugs under the microscope (Cellular and Molecular Medicine) 
Maths can help fight AMR too! (Engineering Maths and Social and Community Medicine) 
Bacteria get everywhere! How can we design materials to repel them? (Bristol Centre for Functional Nanomaterials)
Games Zone - play the Superbugs game (BristolBridge) 
Antimicrobial resistance – tell us what you know (BristolBridge)

15:30 Refreshments available  
15:50 PhD student talk - "How Can We Make New Antibiotics?" Paul Walker (Centre for Doctoral Training in Chemical Synthesis, School of Chemistry)
16:05 PhD student talk - "Nerds vs. Antibiotic Resistance: Can We Use Computers to Outsmart Resistance?" Catherine Tooke (South West Biosciences Doctoral Training Partnership, Schools of Cellular and Molecular Medicine and Chemistry)  
16:25 Closing remarks (Professor Adrian Mulholland)
16:30 Depart 

For secondary schools interested in further information and how to join the ChemLabS outreach activities for schools, please contact

Sidmouth Science Festival, held 8-16 October 2016

Dr Matthew Avison talked about AMR and the work of BristolBridge at the Sidmouth Science Festival 'Science on the Prom' on Sunday 9 October.

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