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New research describes how bacteria resists ‘last-resort’ antibiotic

Press release issued: 6 January 2017

An international research team, led by the University of Bristol, has provided the first clues to understand how the mcr-1 gene protects bacteria from colistin – a ‘last resort’ antibiotic used to treat life-threatening bacterial infections that do not respond to other treatment options.

Dr Jim Spencer's team show how the mcr-1 gene protects bacteria from colistin   

A team led by BristolBridge's Jim Spencer (Cellular and Molecular Medicine) have recently published a paper which shows how bacteria resist the affects of colistin (known as the antibiotic of 'last resort')

The University's press release can be read here:

Dr Spencer also helped with an article in the Atlantic which charts the fast moving research in this area since he co-authored the first report of the emergence of colistin resistant E.coli in animals and humans in November 2015.


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