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Cross-Strand AMR World Cafe

11 February 2016

BristolBridge World Café held on January 19, 2016 at the Clifton Pavilion, Bristol Zoo Gardens.

In the true spirit of the ‘Bridging the Gaps’ philosophy,  75 people attended the World Café from 11 Schools and Departments from the Faculties of Engineering, Science, Biomedical Sciences,  Health Sciences and also Southmead Hospital, the Bristol Royal Infirmary and Public Health England (Bristol).  

Three Keynote speakers - Professor Alastair Hay, a GP and Professor of Primary Care (School of Social and Community Medicine), Professor Alasdair MacGowan, Consultant in Infection and Professor of Antimicrobial Therapeutics (North Bristol NHS Trust) and Professor David Barrett, Professor of Bovine Medicine, Reproduction and Production (School of Veterinary Sciences) set out the challenges posed by AMR in primary care, secondary care and in farming practice, respectively. All eloquently discussed the issues surrounding infection and AMR from their professional perspectives and what would help them most to overcome the problem of AMR in clinical and veterinary medicine.

With all the delegates fully informed of the issues surrounding AMR and an understanding of the new tools and antimicrobials urgently needed, the 6 BristolBridge research Strand Leads facilitated two world café sessions. They each posed a question to address specific challenges in the three research strands BristolBridge is focusing on (see About). 


For the benefit of the attendees on other discussion tables, the facilitators reported summaries of their world café discussions to the room. After lunch, an expert panel (our three Keynote speakers plus EPS proponents - Adrian Mulholland, Katy Turner and Annela Seddon) discussion offered the delegates an opportunity to ask lots of questions about AMR. There was lively discussion around a number of topics including pharma, the need for vaccines and the alarming rise of multi-drug resistant strains in China and SE Asia.  

After an overview of the funding criteria for the 2nd BristolBridge short project funding call, the remainder of the afternoon was spent developing project ideas. Many delegates had ideas for projects they wanted to discuss with potential new collaborators they had met during the day and self-organised groups quickly fell into place.  One facilitator commented that “there seemed to be a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm for collaborating and making exciting things happen”. During small group working, ideas for projects emerged very quickly and six exciting project proposals were pitched by the end of the afternoon (over a well earned cream tea). 

The World Café format, combined with the other activities, worked exceptionally well and exceeded all expectations. The response to the current funding call has been very positive with a 55% increase in submitted applications compared to the first funding call.  Katy Turner, Strand 3 Lead commented “lots of people said afterwards how collaborative and willing people were to go a bit outside their comfort zones and ask stupid/obvious questions. So easy to forget we don't all know about atomic force microscopy and synovial fluid. I heard lots of questions asked that would have been difficult/impossible in another context - if that's not bridging the gaps I don't know what is”. 

The 3rd funding call is now open with an application deadline of 9 May 2016 (see Funding). 




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