Events related to BristolBridge

BristolBridge sponsored the 2nd Annual SWEEET (South West Evolution, Epidemiology and Ecology Team) meeting held on 10 July 2015 at the University of Bristol. The Bristol organising committee were Katy Turner, Mark Eisler, Kristen Reyher and Eric Morgan.

The meeting was entitled "Focus on antimicrobial resistance and zoonoses: Interactions between humans, animals and the environment".  The programme and slide presentations can be viewed here:

SWEEET programme and talks (PDF, 207kB)

Outcomes from SWEEET 2 (sponsored by the EPSRC-funded BristolBridge) 
Turner, Avison, Rehyer, Homer, Cogan, Lambert, Lawson and Brooks Pollock have submitted an application to the BBSRC TRDF call 2 for a pump priming project "Development of novel computational tools to determine optimal approaches to antimicrobial resistance surveillance in managed animals"
BBSRC TRDF Call 2: Support for development of bioinformatics tools and computational approaches to the biosciences 
Call details

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