iGEM 2017

How would you engineer a microorganism if you could?

iGEM is the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition. Undergraduate teams from around the world compete to design and develop their own bioengineered solutions for global issues. They bring them to life during a summer project and showcase their results at the final jamboree in Boston (USA) in the Autumn.

This year BrisSynBio and UoB have a great team and we are lookng forward to taking our BREATHE project to the jamboree. 


  • NOx gases pollute our cities, contributing to glabal warming and human disease
  • We plan to engineer E.Coli to convert NOx to ammonia 
  • Engineered bacteria could be contained in pods and hung around the city to remove NOx in the most pulluted areas 

Let's help Bristol breathe!

Have a look at our wiki, instagram account and facebook page to see what we've been up to so far!

Contact details


iGEM Bristol HQ, 49 St Michaels Hill, Bristol, BS2 8DZ, UK

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